About us

Merus Power – a technology company enabling a sustainable and energy efficient future

We design, manufacture and sell innovative Finnish energy storage systems, power quality solutions and services. Our business is based on modular and scalable power electronics, intelligent software technologies, and electrical engineering expertise.

Our energy storage systems enable the integration of renewable energy into the power grid and create our customers new business models made possible by renewable energy. Our power quality solutions reduce electrical disruptions caused by poor power quality, improving the reliability, profitability and energy efficiency of our customers’ operations.

We operate on a global and fast growing market and our growth is supported by global megatrends such as the the climate and emission goals of states and private operators, the green transition and the various investment programs and responsibility goals associated with it. We aim at strong growth especially on the energy storage markets making use of renewable energy.

Our customer base is diverse and consists of players in the fields of industry, power generation, and renewable energy, among others. Our solutions are already in use in 70 countries around the world. 

Our personnel represents internationally-esteemed top know-how.  

Our headquarters are located in Ylöjärvi, Finland.