Merus Power’s strategy

The vision of Merus Power is to be a major smart grid solution manufacturer in the Nordics and also to be recognized as a preferred supplier in the global battery energy storage and power quality markets.

The goal of our growth strategy is to increase awareness of our company, grow sales and consolidate our market position in the transition to renewable energy. Merus Power aims at strong growth notably in the energy storage market and in the integration of renewable energy.
We also intend to grow faster than the market in the global market of power quality solutions.

The cornerstones of Merus Power growth strategy are:

Scalable product portfolio

Our scalable product portfolio facilitates growth and profitability. The same technology can be used both in energy storages and power quality equipment as well as possible new solutions. Our scalable product portfolio is based on our innovative technology and control system, which are applicable in a wide range of applications. The scalability of our product portfolio enables its rapid expansion and also that of our operations for various applications.

Our multichannel sales strategy

Development of our sales is based on several channels, including direct sales, a dealer network, system integrators, and original equipment manufacturers. We are constantly seeking new partners globally endeavouring to break into new markets and develop our sales network.

In keeping with our sales strategy, we invest special effort to develop our sales of energy storage systems. In our view, the energy storage market is growing fast and continuously generating new potential customers. The growth of the energy storage market is supported by the megatrends of renewable energy and a sustainable energy transition.

Growth of energy storages in Europe

In the energy storage market, we aim to profile ourselves as a systems supplier. We develop our energy storages to correspond to medium-sized energy storage systems requiring fast response, technical knowhow and quality production of electricity.

We want to respond to the rapid development of the energy storage market by actively expanding our partner network to renewable energy integrators and engineering companies.

Local and global presence of the power quality solutions

In the power quality market, we want to focus on optimizing our products’ profitability and developing new cost-efficient products, and profiling ourselves as a solutions provider for renewable-energy integrators. In heavy industry, we seek to integrate new and ever more cost-efficient technology into our products and use this to gain a foothold in new markets and win significant customers there. On the power quality market, it is common for customers to operate widely in various fields, and we utilize several market channels to reach as many customers as possible.

We seek to increase our sales by integrating our solutions with other manufacturers’ systems, thereby breaking into new market areas.

Increasing the share of services

We seek to increase the share of services in our sales by offering smart IoT services with all our products. Merus® MERUSCOPE™ remote monitoring and control software plays a key role in the service concept for renewable-energy customers. We estimate that as the share of our renewable energy increases, demand for our services will likewise increase.