Mission, vision, values


Our energy storage and power quality solutions enable renewable energy growth, increase industry efficiency and create a sustainable and more energy efficient future.


We are a major smart grid solution manufacturer in the Nordics and are recognized as a preferred supplier in the global battery energy storage and power quality markets.


Passion for technology

We are fueled by our passion for new technology. With our advanced solutions, we want to support the growth and development of renewable energy, as well as improve production efficiency and reduce the detrimental environmental impacts.

Appreciation and trust

We do meaningful work and value and appreciate the work of others around us. We respect the wishes and needs of our customers. To our stakeholders we are a reliable partner.

Exceeding customer needs

We aim to exceed the needs of our customers and help them achieve their goals. We want to manufacture cost-effective and high-quality equipment, which our customers appreciate. We are always committed to plans agreed together with our customers.

Clean future

We enable the growth and development of renewable energy. We improve its profitability and enable its simple and trouble-free integration into power grids. We help our industrial customers to make their production more efficient and reduce energy consumption. We act responsibly ourselves and take the environmental impacts of our actions seriously. Our aim is to empower a sustainable and more energy-efficient future.