Risk management

Risk management

The key principle of Merus Power’s risk management is continuous, systematic and proactive action to identify risks, to determine the acceptable risk level for the Company, to evaluate and handle the risks and when risks occur, to contain them so efficiently that the Company achieves its strategic and business goals. Risk management is a part of Merus Power’s management, monitoring and reporting systems. Risk management covers the identification and assessment of risks and preparing for them.

Merus Power’s strategic and operative goals serve as the starting point for risk identification. Risk analyses and evaluations are carried out as self analyses.

Risks relating to the business and operating environment of Merus Power have been described in the Brochure published on May 21, 2021.

Risk management responsibilities

Board of DirectorsConfirming the principles and responsibilities of risk management

Assessment of the level of risk management
The CEO in cooperation with the Management TeamOrganizing and issuing instructions on risk management in Merus Power based on the Quality and Operating Handbook

Organizing risk management at company level, assessment of the Company’s operative and strategic risks and measures relating to minimizing the risks