A word from the CEO

We are working towards a sustainable and more energy efficient future

The energy market is in an unprecedented state of change, which is why renewable energy sources are assuming an ever more important role in total energy production. The underlying reasons are the efforts to control climate change and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions caused by industry. Technological development for its part accelerates the transition by lowering the implementation costs and distributing energy production to different parts of the electricity system.

The energy transition causes major challenges to the management of the energy system. Energy must be controlled, regulated and stored efficiently, to ensure a balance between supply and demand.

Merus Power is a Finnish technology company specializing in energy storage systems and power quality equipment on the global market. With our world-class technological knowhow we promote the global transition towards sustainable forms of energy and enable the utilization of renewable energy sources on a growing market.

We participate in the transition to sustainable energy by designing and manufacturing innovative and scalable solutions for energy storage and improvement of power quality. We have developed our operations and product portfolio actively throughout our 15-year history and have already delivered our solutions to over 70 countries around the world. We are proud of our important work, which improves the profitability of renewable energy, reduces CO2 emissions and facilitates connection to the electrical network.
One of our foremost objectives is to help our industrial customers make their production more efficient and reduce their energy consumption.

We want to continue to be an important manufacturer of electricity network solutions in the Nordic countries and a preferred supplier on the global energy storage and power quality market. With our growth strategy, we aim at strong growth notably in the energy storage market and in the integration of renewable energy. We also seek to grow faster than the market on the global market power quality solutions. Global megatrends support the growth of renewable energy and create us a strong platform for growth.

Kari Tuomala