Our solutions have a positive environmental effect

With our operations, we pave the way for a sustainable and energy efficient way of life globally.

The key idea behind our solutions is to promote the use of renewable energy, better power quality and energy efficiency. Solutions optimizing power quality in industrial and commercial applications do their part in reducing carbon emissions and improving the efficiency of our customers’ processes.

We are committed to working sustainably and taking into consideration all environmental aspects of our operation. Merus Power works toward achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals and we have identified in the UN framework the core objectives that we want to promote.

We monitor the realization of sustainability goals with the following statistics: green energy capacity, share of energy storage capacity and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Part of our business is to act as a registered importer of industrial batteries and for that, we are committed to the decommissioning and recycling of batteries in Finland. Merus Power is a member of SELT, the producer organization for manufacturers of household appliances, toys and lamps, for example.

Our quality, environmental and health and safety management systems are certified according to the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.

Our solutions have enabled

446 MW

of energy connected to grid.

Our share of Finnish electricity market’s usage reserve is

12 %

Annual CO2 emission reductions for our customers is over

170 000 t

This means over

1 400 000

London-Madrid passenger flights.